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Let's Do It right This Time – This is about accountability at every level.

1. Brief History

1.1. Let's try to assess the cost of the 9/11 wars beyond the 5 trillion dollar stated cost. Entire countries were destroyed; what is the cost of rebuilding those countries? Huge amounts of fossil fuels were burned which resulted in loading the atmosphere with huge amounts of carbon; what are that costs associated with sequestering that carbon? We used thousands of tons of depleted Uranium munitions in the War with Iraq; what is the cost of removing the Uranium Oxide, a black talcum powder like substance, from the environment which was the result of using of those munitions? 1.2 million people died as a result of the 9/11 Wars; what is the cost of replacing those people, or are they just collateral damage?

1.2. Actually because of entropy, all of the damage caused is not reversible, because the act of attempting to reverse it creates more entropy. In order to reverse entropy, energy has to be applied to the Earth system from a source outside the Earth system. The Earth became so incredibly ordered because the Sun, an external source, supplied energy to the Earth over hundreds of millions of years allowing complex molecules to form including DNA and the oil we use to produce gasoline. By burning all of this oil and other fossil fuels so rapidly, as we have, the entropy of the Earth system was dramatically increased over a very short period of time. Because of that once exquisitely ordered systems, like beautiful coral reefs and oceans teaming with life, became disordered and lifeless. Basically what we did, was take a ride down the entropy roller coaster, and it was great fun, but now we have to wait millions of years for the energy from the sun to tow our entropy roller coaster car back to the top of the roller coaster track so we can do it all again. Maybe we should stop doing this. Maybe we should be cognizant of the fact that we can't a lush bountiful planet once we destroy it.

1.3. This is also why AI cannot help us, because without some external energy source to reorder the Earth system, the Earth continues down the path toward increasing disorder, aka increasing entropy. More efficiently collecting solar energy is one thing that can possibly begin to restore the complexity, intricacy and wonder of life.

2. What do we do?

2.1. We need to stop the behaviors that result in the wholesale disordering of the Earth, because as I just pointed out, the process of reducing entropy requires millions of years of time or huge inputs of energy from outside the Earth system. Any terrestrial energy source that we use in the hopes of improving our situation will only make it worse. We therefore have only but one choice; stop our destructive tendencies. We can’t fix what we break, so we shouldn’t be breaking things in the first place.

3. What I need from you:

3.1. I need to raise enough money so that I can devote the next 9 months to developing a platform to give us a way to connect that will allow us to form organizations that have the potential to grow into something that will have sufficient influence to allow us to begin to rebuild our local communities and infrastructures so that we can put a halt to the wholesale destruction of our only home in the universe. Our government has shown us that they are only capable of complicity in the very events they say required them to go to war in order to protect us, whether that was the Gulf of Tonkin, the U.S.S. Liberty, Bosnia / Herzegovina, 9/11, the invasion of Libya, Syrian nerve gas attack, or Iran’s alleged nuclear bomb program. War is the problem, and it is destroying our world. I want to explore a way here to keep getting good information into the hands of the public and at the same time a way for all of us to organize, so that we can begin to reel in these programs that are marching us toward the climate catastrophe and entropy wall. You determine how much money is required for me to work on this full time for the next 9 months. I think I need about $2,000/mo. to cover all the costs associated with living and paying for the tools required for web development. Just getting one month down the road is better than getting no months down the road, so even $2,000 for this month will allow me to begin laying the ground work. After that, I can make this appeal on a month by month basis sending progress reports to you as I go. The first order of business will be to file for 501(c)(3) status with the state’s attorney general, file for LLC status with the state’s secretary of state, file for copyrights with the United States Copyright Office and trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademarks Office, etc., just so the the interests of this organization, that you are contributing to, will be protected to the extent the law provides.

4. I am thinking about forming a steering committee.

4.1 I need to hear from those of you who wish to make a significant contribution and who would also like to be part of charting the course for this new effort.

4.2. For those that would like to be on the steering committee, you need to email me and let me know your interest and what you would like to see accomplished by this fledgling organization. Of course I think you can surmise from what I have said so far is my interest is in stopping the wars that are destroying our planet and exposing the excuses for going to war for the shams that they are so the we can begin addressing the real existential threats that are staring us in the face. Steering committee members would be required to invest a minimum $1,000. Steering committee members would be selected on the basis of how closely our interests align. If you are interested please contact me at .

Just contributing $1,000 doesn't necessarily make you a member of the steering committee, so please contact me first.

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5. Why Do We Need Another Way to Connect?

5.1. Our recent history is screaming at us to do something. As General Wesley Clark said in 2001, the United States was taken over via a policy coup. You know the official story of 9/11 does not stand up to what the evidence shows, just as we learned that the official story of the of the assassination of President Kennedy, the official story of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, and the official story of the U.S.S. Liberty and on and on, were all based on fabrications.

5.2. We don’t want those official stories of the past to become assumed reality within the AI systems that are now coming online. If AI systems are in any way going to be beneficial to humanity, then they have to be in possession of the truth on all of the matters that effect humanity, otherwise humanity will become a casualty of disinformation. If AI is unstoppable as they say, then we need to make sure that the system is trained on good information and we do that by maintaining our own information so that we can in turn feed good information to the public which will also be picked up by these AI systems and weighted according to the level of its proliferation and acceptance.

artificial intelligence banner

5.3. We have to be aware that AI will be able to serve content to the public that reinforces the belief that their country is fighting to protect their interests, regardless if that is true or not, and we don’t want that to happen. We need a way to communicate with each other that bypasses Google’s, Facebook’s and Amazon’s AI system for as long as we can, so that we can correct the misinformation and disinformation of the past before it becomes hardwired into these AI systems. Perhaps we can work with Google, Facebook and Amazon to make sure that the AI systems, they are developing, are indeed friendly to the interests of humanity, but we can’t assume that will happen, we have to assume that the official stories about the history of the world is what the AI systems are trained on, even though the forensic evidence, shows that the official stories throughout history are all too often fabrications, 9/11 was no exception, except this time we became aware of that in almost real time where as in the past it would be hundreds and even thousands of years before we would learn the truth..

5.4. The time we have to put this together is limited, because Amazon, Facebook and Google are poised to become the backbone of the Internet; 30% of internet traffic already goes through Amazon’s servers. Once the entire backbone of the Internet is dependent on Amazon, Facebook and Google servers, they will be able filter content we receive even if the content requested comes from our own databases. They are still quite a ways from achieving that, but we also don’t have a lot of time to squander either.

5.5.The reason t believe that  AI will not be able to solve our problems is based on the following reasoning. When the human genome was finally mapped, it took all the computing power of the most powerful supercomputer in the world, at the time, to do that. That was for one strand of DNA. In order to model a viable ecosystem, upon which we have thrived for countless millennia, the interaction of trillions of variations of DNA, that interact in a way to produce a sustainable, regenerative environment for all life, would have to be taken into account. That implies that we would need trillions of those supercomputers to be able map the genome for each of the species represented by those trillions of DNA strands as well as how each of those DNA strands interacts with each other to produce an ecosystem that sustains all of life. We don’t have that kind of computing power yet and likely will never have that kind of computing power. AI is not where our hope lies, our hope lies within ourselves and our ability to interact with each other and our environment.

5.6. This is why we need a computing platform that is under our control so that we can communicate factual information about recent events in history that have been spun by “official sources” in such a a way as to present a picture of that recent history that is completely false. Even if AI is inevitable (Artificial General Intelligence is still a few years off) we want AI to be in command of the truth, not lies; that is the only way it could ever be a benefit to humanity.

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6. What Is Required to Make This a Possibility

CiviCRM development banner

6.1. CiviCRM is our best option for knitting us together in truth.

6.1.1. CiviCRM is Open Source, meaning we are in possession of the source code and it lives on severs we rent from a hosting service that again we control.

6.1.2. More than anything else, what sets CiviCRM apart from other competing programs is that it is designed specifically to meet the needs of non-profits, and provides a well-integrated platform that addresses all their basic needs. This avoids or alleviates the complexities, problems, time, and expenses associated with running separate systems for things such as donations, e-mailing, events, and membership, group interaction or trying to programmatically integrate all of them.

6.2. What does CiviCRM do?

6.2.1. It provides a way for individual members of a group to interact with other members of a group or for one member of a group to make material available to other members of a group or for one group to interact with another group or for one group to interact with all groups. It is a way to build a community. See: Groups and tags

6.2.2. It manages contact information, email newsletters, donations, events, groups and memberships.

6.3. How can we use it to fund our organizations?

6.3.1. Built into CiviCRM is a campaign manager that supports peer to peer fundraising. So not only can you create fundraising drives, but you can set it up so that many members can run individual fundraising campaigns in their area and that all gets integrated into the main fundraising campaign and each of the individual fundraisers are recognized for their individual contributions. CiviCRM is a way to build a solvent organization.

7. How Long Will It take Us to Get up to Speed.

7.1. I believe that I can get CiviCRM up and running with all the bells and whistles working within 9 months. I just need to be funded sufficiently so that I can devote all my time to this for those nine months. That doesn’t mean that all of the organizational structure will be in place when CiviCRM is up and running, but it will mean that the superstructure is in place, so that creating the details of the organizational structure would then move forward quickly.

8. Is this a realistic approach

8.1. I believe that it is the only approach we can rely on, because all of the commercial products have data sharing agreements with the mega platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon. This way we operate slightly off the grid so that we can focus on getting the truth out without worrying about being censored and without worrying about our own data being used against us.

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9. Issues Facing Us

9.1. Endless War on Terror

911 wtc7 afghan war trump bannerimage - Yemeni children stand amid the rubble of a building damaged in a Saudi airstrike - Alwaght News

9.1.1. That has cost nearly 5 trillion dollars since 9/11 and that figure continues to rise.

9.1.2. This has taken and enormous amount of resources away from dealing with Climate Situation and infrastructure maintenance.

9.2. Impending Climate Catastrophe

climate change banner compactImage from www.drought.us modified by Timothy Michel

9.2.1. The first panic that will come when agriculture systems begin to fail. The fish populations in the oceans are already depleted and cannot be relied upon to make up the difference when land based agriculture begins to go into decline.

9.3. Artificial Intelligence Singularity

9.3.1. When all jobs are performed by computer robotics systems, how will wealth then be distributed? History has shown us that technology has always benefited the few and disparaged the many, and the emergence of AI will be no different

9.4. Environmental Pollution

plastic polution on pacific oceanimage - phys.org

9.4.1. Right now there is a plastic trash island in the Pacific Ocean between the coast of California and Hawaii the size of Texas. It is not just the plastic floating on the surface of the ocean that is not the real problem, it is the micro and nano sized particles of plastic that permeates the water column to hundreds of meters deep that results from the plastic breaking down on the surface.

9.5. A global banking system out of touch with reality

collusion bannerImage - Nomi Prins-Collusion 'How Central Bankers Rigged The World' companion song 'You & Me' by Danny McGaw

9.5.1. The Federal Reserve System, like all the world’s central banks, makes money by of loaning money to the government at interest; i.e. the government needs money so it print up bonds at %6 interest and sends them to the central bank that has the money printed and delivers it to the government. It is in the interest of the central banks for the world go to war, because that is the time that the governments need to borrow much more heavily, which further enriches the banks. This is a huge problem that keeps the world embroiled in war when there are real existential threats that have the potential to end life as we know it on this planet. See: Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, and All the Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power

I need your contribution to get this off the ground, please contribute whatever you can; I want to be working for all of us not just for some company just to keep food on the table and a roof over my head while I watch the world crumble around me.

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