We mainly focus on Joomla Development, but have begun to work with Drupal and WordPress as well. Joomla is an enterprise grade Content Management System that is appropriate for medium to large organizations where many people collaborate to provide content and interactive services on the website. Joomla sits in between Drupal and WordPress in that regard and it is why we chose to focus on this particular CMS. With Joomla's advanced ACL system people responsible for different types of content on the website can be assigned different roles to allow them to complete their work without accidentally interfering with others that provide other types of content on the website.

We provide the following when developing a website

  • Site and content management for websites, Intranets, and blogs.
  • Responsive/Adaptive web development for use with mobile phone, tablets, desktop and more
  • Self-building navigation and sitemaps
  • Secure (SSL) pages
  • Multi-site management via one master control panel
  • Comprehensive site search
  • User registration
  • Integrated blogs
  • Collaboration management
  • Contact Relationship Management
  • Automated search engine optimization (SEO) features
  • Intuitive easy-to-use / intuitive visual editor
  • Auto content versioning and restoration
  • File management and sharing
  • Newsletters / Targeted Emails
  • Press releases
  • Image management
  • Video Management
  • Event calendars
  • Interactive polls and surveys