Social Media is an important factor in gaining visibility for your new website. While we can all advertise on our social media account our new website and company presence, we only have one of each type of social media account, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc., meaning the reach of each one of those social media accounts is the total reach of our website.

At Sagacic Web Designs, we integrate the social media providers APIs into to the website so that everyone that visits your website can post a beautifully tailored message to their social media accounts, meaning that your website can now enjoy the reach that posting to thousands of social media accounts provides.

Your website and social media channels should work seamlessly together with your website to promote your brand. At Sagacic Web Designs we integrate the social media channels into every page of your website by making the share button always available to user so that they can post your content to their social media accounts. Not only do this help you increase public awareness of your content, but when you provide your visitors the opportunity to share your content easily, you’re also improving user experience. We always advise that you make sure you only choose the social networks that matter to you, those that give you are most engaged with. By keeping it simple and easy, you’ll be able to increase the probability of your content being shared. We also provide the following:

1. Integrate Social Media on Your Homepage

We accomplish this by having a module display your Social Media Feed in a prominent spot on your home page. If you are using social media effectively, your feed is filled with insider offers, dazzling images, and useful information. When you integrate Facebook and Twitter feeds into your website, customers see that you are active and engaging.

2. Add Social Media Follow Buttons

You want as many people to follow you on Facebook, Twitter and the rest as possible. When we integrate Social Media on your website, we make sure that the follow buttons follow the user to every page they visit and are always in the same location for easy clicking. This way, the navigation is available to a user no matter what page they are on.

3. Add Share Buttons to Product Pages

At Sagacic Web Designs we design the Sharing, Tweet, and other button to be sensitive to the context of the page. If a user shares the Home Page with friends, their friends see a nice general post about you business or organization. If they are on a particular product or service page their friends see a nice post about that product or service. This require a little more work on you part to filling the Social Media post information, but the result is dramatic, because now your