User experience (UX) on your website is really determined by the effectiveness of the user interface (UI), that is how the user is able to navigate through the website and the experiences they have along the way. At Sagacic Web Designs we understand that first impressions are everything and if the first impression isn't good, that user will likely never visit the site again. That is why we make sure that the site is snappy, everything loads instantly and that the site is engaging drawing the user in.

Goal of Web Design

Website design has two emphases, User Experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI). Both UX and UI need to work together to allow the user to find what they are looking for quickly while engaging the users senses in the process to give the user the feeling like they are in a very special place.

User Experience

UX is about making it easy and intuitive for the user to navigate your site; can they find what they are looking for quickly without having to wade through an excessive number of menus to get there. Does the search engine deliver exactly what they were looking for, first time every time.

User Intrerface

UI is about making it a joy to navigate your site, kind of like exploring exciting new places. We want your users to want to see everything your site offers by making the experience of exploring your site very rewarding. The idea here is to take the user on a predefined journey that leads them to the conclusion that your company is what they were always looking for.

Marekting Research and User Experience

After your website has a great bran identity, you will still need to provide potential customers, clients or supporters with a great user experience. Marketing research has shown that your company or organization will be judged on how comfortable users are when engaging with your website.. That means that images need to load quickly, and the layout and content need to be attractive and your contact information is complete and easy to find, or your potential customer, client or supporter will completely stop engaging with your website., "Nearly 8 in 10 customers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device. All the traffic in the world doesn’t matter if a website isn’t ready to give that traffic what it’s looking for. A website that requires pinching and zooming is no longer just a small inconvenience to its users, it’s an automatic “no.”

Why Sagacic Web Designs

At Sagacic Web Designs we immerse ourselves in your business so that we can have an appreciation of the products and services your business provides and then we use the latest Adobe graphics design tools such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to create an unforgettable experience for yuour potential customers, clients or supporters

Also we employ the latest W3C web design tools, like CSS Grids, CSS Flexbox properties, so that every website we build scales to every device perfectly every time so that the user experience on an iPhone is just as exhilarating ad the user experience on a 4K 60 inch monitor. We use the space of the particular device to the utmost advantage of our clients. JQuery and REactJS is also employed where necewssary in order to achieve the effect we believe will absolutely aamaze potential customers, clients and supporters.